Lisa's Childcare

12 Angelfish Avenue

Avon MN, 56310




            My name is Lisa Stang and I am the provider at Lisa’s Childcare.  I have been operating Lisa's Childcare since June of 2008.  I love working with children of all ages and find it brings great joy to my life. Since my first day of school I wanted to be a teacher. I enjoyed learning and admired my teachers who took the time to care while instructing.

            After High School I earned my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education at the College of Saint Benedict where I acquired my teaching license from the State of Minnesota.  During College I taught children in 1st and 7th Grade in a public school environment.  After graduation I took an opportunity to work in a Montessori Preschool.  Throughout the 3 years I worked there I felt that I finally found my true calling.

            In my child care setting I will be using a family influence. Children will be learning independence and respect for themselves and others. I will create a holistic environment that will fulfill all of a growing child’s needs.

The children in my care will work as a “family”. We will help each other and work together every day. I will instill the importance of respect and care for one another. We will have group time where the children will have opportunities to share with one another about themselves and their interests.

We will discuss feelings and how important each individual’s feelings are. I will empathize with the children and try to help them put a name to their feelings so they can verbally express themselves whether happy or upset.

I will have a set curriculum for the children including: letters, numbers, shapes, colors, calendar, weather, music, and much more.

To accommodate the children’s physical needs we have a fenced in play area in the back yard as well as access to Ochotto park and the elementary school playground. I also have a large area in the childcare space where we will do more instructor lead activities such as dancing, stretching, and movement games.

I find that I learn so much about the more important things in life from children and every day I spend with them is a blessing!

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